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18 in 28

What are your fitness goals? Do you want to burn fat and calories? Increase strength and endurance? Improve your posture, flexibility or core strength? What about connecting and loving your body?

We got you.


Join us in our winter fitness challenge: 18 in 28. From February 1 - 28, challenge yourself to take 18 classes in 28 days. It won’t be easy, but it will be worth it...especially with the support of this beautiful barre community around you!!


And what’s a good challenge without adding in an element of competition! The client who takes 18 classes first will get a $100 account credit. The clients who come in 2nd-5th place will get a $25 account credit.

Some ground rules:

1. The goal of each class is to work the muscles to fatigue, so we only recommend and will count ONE CLASS PER DAY. (only The Barre 60 and Barre Lite classes count towards the challenge)

2. Rest and recovery is a huge part of getting the most out of classes! While barre is safe to practice once a day, 7 days a week, we recommend one day of rest per week. Giving yourself a rest day allows your muscles to adapt and recover and come back stronger. Without recovery, you may find that you hit a plateau or even reverse progress. So, with that in mind, in order to be eligible for this challenge, you must take one day off from barre classes each week. That means the soonest that someone will be able to achieve the goal is 2/20.

3. This is an opportunity to challenge yourself, but we still highly encourage you to listen to your body and take additional rest days when needed.  

Ready to uncover your strength and grace? Sign up for the 18 in 28 between now and January 28th.

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