We are thrilled to be launching a customer rewards and referral program!

In this program, you will get points for every dollar spent and rewarded when you refer a friend.


2 points for every dollar spent on products and services

1,000 points for every new client referral* to a Barre Flight ($10 value!)

$5 off/month your membership when referral upgrades to Top Shelf**


To get credit for your referral, you can reach out to us in person or online and we will record it in our system.

The $5 off/month will automatically be applied on your autopay date.

Once you have reached 1,000 points, you can redeem them towards purchases. 

To view your point balance, log in to our site and go to the account section of the My Info tab.

*Only new clients who have not visited the studio can be counted as a referral.

**while their membership is active

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