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  • What is barre? What are your classes like?
    Our core classes, Barre Sculpt and Barre Transform utilize movements that are inspired by ballet, yoga, and Pilates, set to fun and motivating music. The full body method activates one muscle group at a time with small, controlled movements, also known as isometric movements, which are very effective for burning fat and adding muscle tone. During the class, your muscles are sculpted and strengthened, by working them to the point of fatigue, followed by a deep stretch to lengthen them out and create long, lean muscles. Each class begins with a warm up and then travels through the body from the arms, thighs, glutes, abdominals and ends with a cool down stretch. Our classes also build core strength, which improves posture and body alignment, to help you maximize your flexibility, while developing endurance and strength. Not only are these results physically transformational, the small, controlled movements in barre connect the mind and the body, which lead to a greater inner awareness and mental strength/grit. As you move through your barre journey, you will find a deeper control and connection to the movements allowing you to further your practice and continually see progress. There is no plateau here! We value proper form and perform hands on adjustments to get you into the right position for the best barre burn and to prevent injury. Plus, our classes are naturally low impact and are designed to adapt to all fitness levels and ability. Every BODY welcome.
  • Should I arrive early to my first class?
    We recommend that you arrive 10-15 minutes before your first class begins. You will need to fill out a short waiver, get acquainted with our studio, ask questions if you have them, and set up your mat. There will be cubbies if you have any belongings as well as a lounge if you'd like a pre workout stretch. We suggest wearing light and comfortable clothing, bringing a water bottle as well as sticky socks for class. If you don't have socks, we sell them for $5 at the studio.
  • Can barre classes help me lose weight?
    Heck yeah! During the class, you will work all your major muscle groups. Your muscles are sculpted and strengthened, by working them to the point of fatigue, followed by a deep stretch to lengthen them out and create long, lean muscles. One of the great things about barre is that your body is still getting benefits long after class is over. In a typical barre class you will burn about 200-400 calories, but the real kicker is the types of exercises performed in class stimulates a spike in your metabolism for the rest of the day, allowing you to burn fat and calories even after you’re done at the barre. Cheers to that!
  • How often should I attend classes?
    Our barre class are low impact so you can attend classes anywhere from 1 to 7 times a week and see a benefit. We generally recommend attending classses 3-5 times a week, but it largely depends on your fitness goals, other fitness activities and how quickly you want to see results. A good practice is taking one rest day per week to allow for proper muscle recovery which protects against plateau and injury. In the beginning, you may find that your muscles are especially sore. We recommend listening to your body and believe it or not, sometimes another class can help break up the soreness and make you feel better.
  • What should I wear and bring to class?
    We will provide all of the equipment you will need during the class, including a yoga mat. To get the most out of your practice and prevent injury, we require that you wear sticky socks for barre classes. You are welcome to bring your own or we will have some available for purchase at the studio starting at $5. Most students like to wear flexible leggings or workout pants and a sleeveless or short sleeved top. Wearing leggings allows your muscles to warm up quickly and for you to get the most out of the exercises and increase flexibility. Ultimately, we want you to wear clothing that you makes you feel good and that you can comfortably move in. We suggest bringing a reusable water bottle and a workout towel if you like. We will have additional water available and reusable water bottles available for purchase. There will be cubbies for your belongings for the duration of class, that includes cell phones because we all know it's dangerous to have your phone at the barre. =P
  • Is there a beginner class?
    All of our classes are designed to appeal to a wide range of ages, fitness levels and abilities. If you are new, a great place to start is our classic, Barre Sculpt class. This class is a great way to ease your way into the barre journey. Regardless of the class you take, we provide modifications as well as hands on corrections in class to ensure that you are in the correct position and avoid injury. We also periodically offer a slightly slowed down version of this class with more verbal instruction and hands on corrections called Barre Stripped which is great for beginners and existing clients alike. We like to say, every BODY welcome.
  • Should I preregister for classes?
    YES! We highly recommend reserving a class before you arrive to ensure that you have a spot, especially for our most popular times fill up over a week in advance. You can reserve classes 10 days ahead of time on Momence. Don't be intimidated by waitlist either! With a few exceptions, most of the time you add yourself to the waitlist you will get a spot. Lastly, you are welcome to walk-in, but we cannot guarantee that we will be able to get you into class.
  • Can I take barre if I'm pregnant or have an injury?
    You sure can. Our certified barre instructors are equipped to help you modify exercises to ensure you are comfortable, while still getting the most out of your workout. Be sure to inform the front desk and your instructor before class begins so they are aware. We always recommend consulting your doctor before beginning any new exercise program. If you are pregnant or are injured, you are welcome to email us at and we can make sure that we make a note on your account so we provide the proper modifications in class.
  • What are your hours?
    Our hours will vary day to day based on the class schedule. In the morning the studio will be open a minimum of 15 minutes before each am class and close 15 minutes after the last class. For the evening classes we will be open 15 minutes before the first pm class and close 15 minutes after the last class. Follow the link to view our up to date schedule:
  • How do I access online classes?
    Members can access online classes directly through Momence via the app or desktop. If you'd like to take a one off virtual class, please send us an email at
  • Where do I park?
    There are metered spot on Union and Water St, a metered lot across the street, a small lot behind the building, parking behind the YMCA on 2nd street and the Zeiterion Parking garage is just a couple minute walk away (and is only $3/hr). We highly recommend you do not park at the YMCA, the lot is monitored and we don't want anyone getting towed!
  • What is your late cancellation/no show policy?
    Cancellations must be made a minimum of 8 hours prior to class in order to allow those on the waitlist enough notice that they have been added to the class schedule. Late cancellations or no shows after the cut off time will results in a loss of a class for drop ins, class packs, 4x Month and 8x Month membership options. A $5 charge will be applied for late cancels and a $10 charge for no shows with the unlimited Barre Flight trial and Top Shelf Memberships options. It is assumed that by being on the waitlist, you want to take the class if you can get in. Please remove yourself from the waitlist 8 hours prior to the start of class if you no longer want to take the class. Clients that are automatically added to the class 8 or more hours prior to the beginning of class will be held to the late cancelation and no show policy. We allow a 5 minute grace period to be able to be let into class late, otherwise you are considered a late cancel. ​ Exceptions will be considered to our policy only in emergency, injury, illness situations. A doctor's note is necessary and is left to the discretion of the owners whether or not a fee will be made. We completely understand that life happens and it is not always possible to follow through on every commitment. There are no hard feelings for a cancellation or a miss, we simply must maintain the integrity of our policy. If you find that you become ill/injured and cannot attend class, we encourage you to log into our online scheduler and cancel upcoming classes that you have scheduled so that you are not charged for or do not lose those classes. We have a 24-hour cancellation policy on all private appointments, specialty events and workshops. If you do not cancel within this time frame you will be charged in full. We may offer free classes for our clients. In the event that you do not show or late cancel you will be charge a $10 fee.
  • What is your policy when it rains or snows?
    We commit to providing a kickass workout rain, shine or snow, as long as it's safe! The safety of our clients is very important to us, so we will make sure to watch the weather and road reports and make class cancellations if necessary. With that, we will strive to make cancellations no later than 1 hour ahead of class start time. We will post cancellations on Facebook and Instagram and you will also be notified through Momence or the Barre app as long as you have notifications enabled. We are not able to reach out to everyone individually, so please check in on social media, check emails and app prior to making the trip. As long as we're open, our late cancellation/no show policy remains in effect. As it states, we will make exceptions to our policy in emergency, illness and injury situations. Please plan ahead and try to give yourself extra time for shoveling, safe driving and parking. We are unable to make exceptions to our policy every time it snows, it is New England after all.
  • Can I pause my membership?
    Sometimes life happens and you need to take a short break from us. We offer for every membership, one opportunity per year to pause for up to 30 days. In the event that you need to cancel your membership before the contract period has ended, a cancellation charge will apply. The charge will be 30% of the remaining balance still owed on the contract with a minimum of $200, and will not exceed $400. All memberships must be cancelled with 30 days notice before renewal date.
  • What's the story behind The Barre?
    Our story started years ago, when a childhood friend of Kayla’s put a ring on Gigi’s finger and brought us together. We have always found a connection through health and fitness, and joked about opening a barre studio together in the south coast. It seemed like it could be a great partnership, however the timing was not quite there, Kayla was just beginning a family and Gigi was living in Boston. Fast forward, 5 years later and we found ourselves living minutes from downtown New Bedford. Kayla, has been addicted to barre fitness since her first class 10 years ago. She started teaching barre 7 years ago and her experience has allowed her to form her own unique style. Gigi, an avid class taker has always dreamed of being a fitness instructor and enjoys helping friends with marketing and sales consulting. While not much has changed since our first conversation, we have one more shared passion, building something special to help transform our community of New Bedford. We are so delighted to be finally embarking on the journey to open The Barre, New Bedford’s first barre fitness studio! We can't wait to meet you at The Barre! Love, Kayla and Gigi


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