THe Barre Method




Get ready for a full body workout! The instructor will guide you into a set position, one muscle group at a time. 


Sculpt and strengthen muscles by working them to the point of fatigue. That means shaking, baby!


Lengthen the muscles with a deep, targeted stretch. This is the secret to long, lean muscles!



The Barre classes utilizes movements that are inspired by ballet, yoga, and Pilates, set to fun and motivating music. The full body method activates one muscle group at a time with small, controlled movements, also known as isometric movements, which are very effective for burning fat and adding muscle tone.


During the class, your muscles are sculpted and strengthened, by working them to the point of fatigue, followed by a deep stretch to lengthen them out and create long, lean muscles. Each class begins with a warm up and then travels through the body from the arms, thighs, seat/glutes, abdominals and ends with a cool down.


The Barre classes also build core strength, which improves posture and body alignment. Our classes will help you maximize your flexibility, while developing endurance and strength. Not only are these results physically transformational, the small, controlled movements in barre connect the mind and the body, which lead to a greater inner awareness and mental strength/grit.


As you move through your barre journey, you will find a deeper control and connection to the movements allowing you to further your practice and continually see progress. There is no plateau here!


We value proper form and perform hands on adjustments to get you into the right position for the best barre burn and to prevent injury. The Barre classes are naturally low impact and are designed to adapt to all fitness levels and ability.


Every BODY welcome.


Two friends walk into The barrE

Our story started years ago, when a childhood friend of Kayla’s put a ring on Gigi’s finger and brought us together. We have always found a connection through health and fitness, and joked about opening a barre studio together in the south coast. It seemed like it could be a great partnership, however the timing was not quite there, Kayla was just beginning a family and Gigi was living in Boston.


Fast forward, 5 years later and we found ourselves living minutes from downtown New Bedford. Kayla, has been addicted to barre fitness since her first class 10 years ago. She started teaching barre 7 years ago and her experience has allowed her to form her own unique style. Gigi, an avid class taker has always dreamed of being a fitness instructor and enjoys helping friends with marketing and sales consulting.


While not much has changed since our first conversation, we have one more shared passion, building something special to help transform our community of New Bedford.


 We are so delighted to be finally embarking on the journey to open The Barre, New Bedford’s first barre fitness studio! We opened September 5th and can't be more excited to see where this journey takes us.


We can't wait to meet you at The Barre!




Kayla and Gigi

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