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Let's talk about the waitlist.

From time to time we hear that some of you have trouble getting into classes, so we wanted to break down how it works as well as provide a few tips. So let's get started.

Our scheduling system is on a rolling 10 day schedule, meaning you can always book 10 days out from current day. Once a class is at max capacity, an option to be added to the waitlist becomes available. The waitlist itself is an automatic process which coincides with our cancellation policy (8 hours before class begins).


To break that down a bit, basically anytime that someone removes themselves from a class when there are 8 or more hours before it begins, the first person from the waitlist is automatically added to class.

Within 8 hours, if someone tries to remove themselves from class, that would qualify as a late cancellation and clients from the waitlist are no longer automatically added to the class (so don't worry about being added to a 5:30am class at 3:00am). Late cancellations or no shows after the cut off time will results in either a loss of a class for drop ins, class packs, 4x/8x memberships or a $5 charge for late cancellations and $10 for no shows for those with The Barre Flight trial or Top Shelf Memberships. If you have individual classes or a class pack, the class will be put back on your account if you do not make it in from the waitlist and can be used at another time.


It's also worth mentioning that we assume that if you are on the waitlist that you want to take the class if you can get in. If that changes, please do remove yourself from the waitlist, this is especially important for morning classes where 8 hours may be after your bedtime. 

For most of our classes, we do end up with empty mats, so here are a couple tips to get into class last minute. We mentioned before that if a late cancellation happens within 8 hours that you will not be added to the class automatically, but you can remove yourself from the waitlist and then book the class directly. The way that you will be able to tell a spot opened up is if you look at that class on the schedule it will have the option to "book".


Also, you may already know this, but we do not allow clients to enter class the class more than 5 minutes late. While there is no guarantee you will get in, you are welcome to come in to the studio and be on standby if a spot opens up. If someone late cancels or is not here at the start of class. then we will release those spots to the clients who are here.

Lastly, we know a long waitlist can be intimidating, but generally there is a lot of movement on them. For example almost all Sunday classes at 8:15 have over 15 people on the waitlist and by the time the class actually happens, the class isn't even full. We can't say that will happen all the time, but we generally do see classes evolve quite a bit. 

Want to manage the waitlist like a pro? The easiest and most convenient way to manage your waitlisted classes is text notifications. Just message us or let us know the next time you're in class and we will get you switched over.

Cheers, now you're a waitlist expert!

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